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Gradientxterminator Photoshop Plugin Fixed

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question but I tried to install the trial version of gradient xterminator just to see how it would work before I purchased it and following the directions it tells me to put it into my Photoshop filters directory which I did but when I startup Photoshop it tells me that there is an error loading a plug-in. I look through the system information for Photoshop under The help menu and I scroll all the way down and there is an error message with loading the gradient xterminator. I have Photoshop 2019 and it told me to put it into the plugins / filters directory which I did not have I just had a plugins directory. I created a filter is directory and put it in there and also I put it in the regular plugins directory.has anyone else experienced this because I can't open up the filter to put in my license code to activate it.Any help would be appreciated.

Gradientxterminator Photoshop Plugin

I can confirm that the plugin works for the latest version of Photoshop CC 2019- the only thing to remember is that there are both 32 & 64 bit versions of PS & the plugin. See the location for the 64 bit version in the capture below. If your using 32 bit the path should be the same other than directory root would start at program files (x86).

The steps I will discuss below can be done in Photoshop without using any additional plugins. However, I strongly recommend investing in the Astronomy Tools Action Set, and Gradient Xterminator. They are well worth the expense and can make a monumental difference to your images. 350c69d7ab

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