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Download Roon 2.0 and Stream Your Music in High-Quality with Roon Ready Devices

Download Roon 2.0: The Ultimate Music Player for Music Fanatics

If you love music, you need Roon. Roon is the revolutionary music player that lets you discover, organize, and enjoy your music like never before. And now, with the release of Roon 2.0, you can take your music experience to the next level with Roon ARC, the brand new mobile app that gives you access to your entire Roon library wherever you go. In this article, we'll show you what Roon is, what's new in Roon 2.0, and how to use Roon ARC to listen to your music anywhere.

What is Roon and why you need it

Roon is more than just a music player. It's a music lover's dream come true. Roon connects all your music sources, devices, and services into one seamless interface that lets you explore, manage, and play your music in the best possible quality. Whether you have a local collection of CDs, vinyls, or digital files, or you stream from services like Tidal or Qobuz, Roon brings everything together in one place and enriches it with metadata, lyrics, reviews, bios, photos, and more. You can also use Roon to control and stream your music to any of your devices, such as speakers, headphones, DACs, or amplifiers, using the best available audio protocols.

download roon 2.0

Roon's features and benefits

Some of the features and benefits that make Roon stand out from other music players are:

  • Roon Radio: A personalized radio station that plays music based on your tastes and preferences, and learns from your feedback.

  • Roon Valence: A powerful recommendation engine that helps you discover new music based on your listening history and preferences.

  • Roon DSP: A suite of digital signal processing tools that let you customize your sound with EQ, crossfeed, convolution filters, room correction, and more.

  • Roon Live Radio: A directory of thousands of internet radio stations from around the world that you can browse and play on Roon.

  • Roon Nucleus: A dedicated hardware device that runs your Roon Core and optimizes your music performance.

How to get started with Roon

To get started with Roon, you need three things:

  • A subscription: You can sign up for a free 14-day trial or choose between a monthly or annual plan.

  • A core: This is the device that runs the Roon software and manages your music library. You can use any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer as your core, or buy a dedicated device like the Nucleus.

  • A remote: This is the device that you use to control and play your music on Roon. You can use any iOS or Android device as your remote, or use a web browser on any computer.

What's new in Roon 2.0