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Ezra Reyes

Slime Tower Tycoon: Auto Buy Drop Rate, Auto Me...

The game includes a few stages with rooms, and white "lava bricks" (known as Infecting Light) formed by camera stands that the player will automatically become "infected". There are orange "lava bricks" (known as Depressing Light) which will kill infected people, but non-infected's are able to go through. The main part of the game is to survive the earthquake by controlling the tower at the end of the map, which houses a safezone that protects players against the earthquake. In the spawn area, humans can obtain a main weapon and the glass bottle, which is the main way to counter smilers. Once a smile dies, they go back to spawn and turn back into human, unless infected again. If a smile gets damaged, they are stunned and unable to move for a few frames. In order for smiles to infect people, they must grab them, then either wait to get their health to incredibly low or take them to the white "lava bricks". The person who was grabbed will then get infected. If a person is grabbed by a smile, another person can attack the smile in order for the grabbed person to escape. You will be unable to reset (It has an ability on mobile but does not have functionality) nor use weapons (except the knife and the handgun) when grabbed by a smile.

Slime Tower Tycoon: Auto Buy Drop Rate, Auto Me...




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